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3 Invaluable Tips for Marketing in 2018


In the highly competitive playing field of online business marketing, it's no wonder that many businesses find it difficult to know which strategies to adopt and how to cut through the commercial noise. Social media has long been a powerful and convenient resource for business marketing, with sponsored ads bringing excellent returns on even the tightest of budgets. In 2018 however, the goal posts have moved with social media giant Facebook declaring a change to its algorithms in a bid to cut back on the amount of commercial content users can see. Many SME business owners may fairly assume that the heydays of spending little and reaching their target audience is over – but with closer analysis, there's every reason to remain optimistic. In this rapidly evolving digital world, it's more important than ever to adapt and strategise around the changing climate. We've put together 3 strong tips for businesses looking to formulate a clearer view of what they're up against and how to approach marketing obstacles cleverly and methodically.

1. Website performance is more important than ever!

In 2018 businesses cannot afford to underestimate the crucial importance of their website. In many cases the traditional model of website development puts a lot of attention on the design and build often neglecting SEO. At MarketSpan we flip this model on its head – starting with the content and developing SEO through extensive competitor and keyword analysis. By now many businesses will be familiar with the phrase 'content is king' and this is very much the case in 2018. To cut through the noise, you first need to tune in to what is currently performing and through proper market analysis, businesses can equip themselves with the right information. This kind of information is GOLD and will determine all of the other important stages of the website development from bespoke design to the way a site communicates and speaks the language of its target audience.

The instant gratification of convenient templated sites from the likes of Wix and Squarespace can be an attractive option for a business looking to simply improve their web presence. In the long term though, without a dedicated team of SEO experts, bespoke unique web design and marketing support – you could end up with a website that doesn't perform and costing you time and money. Fundamentally your website needs to be more than just an online business card. It needs to be a powerful destination that pulls in quality traffic and drives conversions. To achieve this a professional SEO review and Google Ad Words campaign should be top priority for consideration.

2. Social Media's VIDEO FIRST policy

Currently nearly half of all internet users look online for a video related to the products and services they are interested in prior to even visiting a business/store. Video content generates 12x times more shares on social media than textual content and images combined. With Facebook's new algorithms tailoring the user experience more towards quality engagement with friends and family, video is a clear front runner in terms of grabbing attention fast, encouraging engagement and shares.

According to research done by Forrester, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8million words. Video marketing can allow you to explain your company or products within seconds. Using filmed footage, motion graphics with voice over or captions can make for a fun, engaging and informative explainer video. Through carefully crafted Facebook ad campaigns you can use video ads to funnel quality leads, drive traffic to your website and more importantly boost conversions. In terms of SEO, YouTube videos are hot stuff, and can even out rank websites.  It goes without saying, video marketing is a necessity in 2018 with a mountain of stats confirming that the medium is considered to provide the best ROI. Our advice? Get on the case – spread your video message across all online platforms and equip them with call to actions that drive audiences to your website – a destination where your potential customer's attention is focused on your business and products, unhindered by commercial noise.

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3. Managed Online Marketing

Keep the Ball Rolling and be Consistent. The first two tips provided in this article are absolutely paramount in the success of online marketing. However, if there's no dedicated marketing management to oversee and implement these strategies on a continuous basis, the success of your marketing efforts are likely to suffer. Finding the time and resources to juggle marketing responsibilities can be a headache especially when things like customer service, overheads and staff, to name just a few, are at the forefront of your business priorities. Getting a marketing manager on the pay role can be costly too not to mention the price of a decent videography service, website expertise and IT support. The ideal scenario for many business owners is to have everything in house, without the price tag – ensuring all elements of the marketing process are uniformed, seamless with a focus on continuity. As a web solutions company, we have identified this problem with many of our clients and have recently offered an 'all in one' solution. From SEO Analysis & Implementation, Web Design & Development, App Development, Videography, Lifetime Support and continuous Managed Online Marketing – You can tie up all of your essential marketing requirements cost effectively, and all under one roof.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018